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M3 Mokume Blanks, sometimes referred to as "The New Wood" are designed for a single object or two to be produced utilizing a large percentage of the blank (consider M3 Ring Stock or M3x10 Billets for small objects). As such, the patterning is spread naturally throughout the full size of the blank in a magnificent Wood-Eye pattern. Unlike wood, the wood grain in M3 Mokume blanks is produced with the sweet spot or best pattern just under the surface of the blank which is revealed by carving, turning or milling.

Every blank is guaranteed to have a great wood grain pattern with none of the problems associated with working wood grain. No worries about splitting, voids (blanks are cured under great heat and pressure) or grain direction. Unlike wood blanks, objects produced from M3 Mokume blanks will literally last forever.

Fine writing instruments, bottle stoppers, brush and razor handles, Mods, e-cig, game calls, game pieces, chess, backgammon stones are some of the products produced.

“And I have to tell you - the pictures DO NOT do this stuff justice! In these pictures, it looks 2 dimensional. But up close, it looks like a lustrous metal with a cool 3 dimensional "starfield" effect when you move it in the light - it glitters and glows. Gorgeous material. “ (Ted Phillips Spyderco Forum)

M3 Mokume Styles
Cobaltium Mokume

Black Gold

Classic Mokume

M3 Damascus

Black & Red

Blue & White

Black & White

Tiffany Blue & Gold
Gunsmoke & Gold
White Mokume

M3 Lapis Mokume
Blue & Red Mokume

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