Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry
Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry

M3x10 Nacre (Mother of Pearl)

M3 Premium Metal Polish Kit (PMP)

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M3 Premium Metal Polish (PMP) is specially formulated to enhance the colors in M3 Metal Composite revealing dramatic contrast, color separation and a gem quality shine. M3 PMP does not coat or fill the surface like wood polishes and waxes do, it is simply reducing the size of the surface scratches in the M3 itself. When you look at a properly finished M3 surface under a 10x loop or magnifier the surface of the metal should be smooth with no visible scratches. This is a mirror gem quality finish and it is easy to achieve by following some very simple instructions.

Always use appropriate respiratory and eye protection suitable for your specific conditions and environment.

Always read and understand all instruction before starting any of these processes or using these materials.


  1. Sand parts with 150, 180, 220, 320, 400, 600 grit using a good quality “P” grade sandpaper.
  2. Flat parts are best sanded in alternating directions (cross hatch) when possible.
  3. Clean surface between each sanding grit with a soft bush or 0000 steel wool.

Polishing flats on a buffer

  1. For best results use a buffer arbor speed between 1650 & 1750 PRM’s with an 8” diameter lose flannel wheel. This will produce a SFPM (surface feet per minute) between 3300 & 3500 SFPM. Good results may also be achieved by using an alternate drive such as a drill motor or grinder motor clamped securely in a vise with a buffing arbor and lose flannel wheel. Keep buffing wheel clean and free of excessive buffing compound build up.
  2. Use a gloved finger to apply a small dab of PMP "A", just enough to cover the complete part.
  3. Holding the part securely at the top edge, move the part toward the buffing wheel on the side of the arbor that the wheel is turning down toward the floor (not the side of the wheel coming up) so the bottom of the face you are polishing touches the wheel first and always below the center line of the arbor.
  4. Using medium pressure, move the part side to side while feeding the part down so the wheel contact point continues to move up the face until you reach about 3/4s of the way up the face.
  5. Move the part away from the wheel and rotate the face 180 degrees so the bottom face that is polished is now at the top. Then repeat step 4 until the face has an even shine. Be careful not to create anymore heat than is comfortable to the touch and always overlap polishing strokes.
  6. Repeat these steps again with PMP “A” then twice again with PMP “B”.
  7. If you are using a drill motor or other power source, or different size wheel, you can use this formula to calculate SFPM. Wheel diameter x .25 = ? x arbor speed = SFPM (8” x .25 = 2 x 1650 = 3300 SPFM).

During any polishing process excessive heat can cause glazing/burning of the surface which will reduce the reflectivity and produce a plastic look. This is real metal in a hybrid binder (not acrylic, urethane or polyester resin) and should be polished as such to achieve the full depth of shine and Gem quality finish befitting a custom crafted creation.

PRECAUTIONS: PMP contains petroleum distillates. Avoid eye or prolonged skin contact. Use with ventilation. In case of contact: Skin: Flush with water; Eyes: Flush with water for 20 minutes and immediately seek medical attention; Inhalation: Administer fresh air or oxygen; Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting—immediately seek medical attention.

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