Create stunning heirloom quality luxury goods with M3 Mokume composite Blanks, Rods, Billets, and Knife Scales. Add a whole new dimension to your art by creating with magnificent materials exhibiting spectacular wood grains (Mokume), patterns and surface characteristics that both mesmerize and inspire. Produced with exotic natural elements (metals, lava, carbon) that have been transformed by the M3 macro-molecular process enabling them to be worked with standard tooling, finished easily to a gem quality surface and will literally last forever. 

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M3 Precious Polymer Pen Rods 3/4"×5"

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These bespoke pen rods have been engineered to equal the finish and color depth of of the Precious Resins developed by the famous brand pen manufacturers.  

The biggest difference between precious polymer and resin, is that the polymer is almost unbreakable. Finished products will not shrink, crack, break or chip and the colors will remain crisp forever.  Automobile and dishwasher safe this space age polymer has a service temperature of over 275°F.

There is nothing worse for a pen customer than dropping one of their favorites only to have it shatter or crack when it hits the floor.  I have experienced this with famous maker pens that cost hundreds of dollars, this is why I invented M3.

As with all M3 products, you will find these pen rods easy to cut, drill, turn and finish with standard tools, wood or metal lathe or CNC. Strong enough for kit free pens, will hold all manner of threads with no need for an inside tube.

Finish with our matched PMP 2 part finish system.

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NOTE: M3 Mokume is a custom made product and this order will go into production the day after it is received.  Our small batch on demand production system allows us to offer over 1500 product variations on this website alone.  While stocking is not realistic, we do over produce the most popular blanks; so if we have it on hand it will ship right away.  Most orders ship in 5 to 15 days and we try to communicate any delays due to life, business and natural disasters.  If you are on a deadline please email us and in most cases we can accommodate. (I know it says “in stock” in the shopping cart, but that is hard coded and cant be changed)

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