Create stunning heirloom quality luxury goods with M3 Mokume composite Blanks, Rods, Billets, and Knife Scales. Add a whole new dimension to your art by creating with magnificent materials exhibiting spectacular wood grains (Mokume), patterns and surface characteristics that both mesmerize and inspire. Produced with exotic natural elements (metals, lava, carbon) that have been transformed by the M3 macro-molecular process enabling them to be worked with standard tooling, finished easily to a gem quality surface and will literally last forever. 

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We Are Open and Operating Safely: We are running a little behind, but we are running. Our team is able to live, work and now play within the safety of our private compound.  We are spraying all materials that are delivered with a light alcohol spray and do the same to every package we are shipping.Our supply chain is intact and we are well stocked.

It took some time to put this in place so we don’t let down our customers who are counting on our materials for their projects. Orders will start to ship faster as we all adjust to this new way of life.

We hope everyone follows the guidelines and stays safe.

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M3x10 Ring Stock- No Ring Core Required

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M3x10 Ring Stock is "Almost Unbreakable" and no ring core is required to produce strong, durable, impact resistant, heirloom quality jewelry. Rings, earrings, pendants are just a few of the objects enhanced by this exotic new material that uses state of the art technology to engineer beautiful materials. Heat resistant to over 300*F., uv, dishwasher and food safe.

Perfect for Jewelry of all types or any small part requiring a much tighter pattern than our pen rods. Millennials' appear to have embraced this material for their most cherished wedding rings perhaps as a testament to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). M3 feels great against the skin so it is being used more and more as a ring core. I have seen wedding bands, earing's, cabochons, pendants, luxury handbag tags, military challenge coins, watch faces, watch cases, cufflinks, tie tacks and more. Still waiting to see someone use it for a link watch band.

These Rods and Billets are made by hand one at a time in order to insure the best pattern and quality. In contrast, our pen rods are produced in 25 Rod batches. Orders for these Ring Stock can sometimes fall behind schedule so give yourself extra lead time when ordering these fine custom made Rods.

NOTE: Some of the best rings are cut from rectangular Billets

“And I have to tell you - the pictures DO NOT do this stuff justice! In these pictures, it looks 2 dimensional. But up close, it looks like a lustrous metal with a cool 3 dimensional "starfield" effect when you move it in the light - it glitters and glows. Gorgeous material. “ (Ted Phillips Spyderco Forum)

M3 Mokume Styles
Cobaltium Mokume

Black Gold

Classic Mokume
M3 Damascus
Black & Red
Blue & White
Black & White
Tiffany Blue & Gold
Gunsmoke & Gold
White Mokume
M3 Lapis Mokume
Blue & Red Mokume

Ring Stock Patterns are very tight so that many parts can be made from the rod and each will have extraordinary patterns. There is a premium charged for these rods, because this pattern requires twice the time to produce and much more attention to detail.

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