Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry
Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry

Product Info

Create stunning heirloom quality luxury goods with M3 Mokume composite Blanks, Rods, Billets, and Knife Scales. Add a whole new dimension to your art by creating with magnificent materials exhibiting spectacular wood grains (Mokume), patterns and surface characteristics that both mesmerize and inspire. Produced with exotic natural elements (metals, lava, carbon) that have been transformed by the M3 macro-molecular process enabling them to be worked with standard tooling, finished easily to a gem quality surface and will literally last forever. 

NOTE: Once any metal goes through the M3 Process, the resulting material will not conduct electricity and is no longer a solid metal.  This material needs to be worked differently than solid metals, which is sort of the point.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our website to learn about this remarkable material before purchasing.  M3 Mokume is a custom product that first goes into production the day after you order it and can not be returned.  It will only be exchanged if the product has a physical defect  or unsightly pattern.

M3 has been engineered to cut, carve, grind and sand smoothly and then polish to a hard, durable gem quality finish. The material is very stable and will hold the finest detail including threads. Any good epoxy glue will create a permanent bond with M3 and almost any other material including gem stones. Colors and patterns run completely through the material and the finished product is beautiful, lightweight, very strong, comfortable to wear and to touch and will last for many generations.

M3 Mokume Blanks, Billets and Scales are handcrafted to exacting standards in the USA. While the M3 proprietary process utilizes some very sophisticated equipment and scientific processes, the M3 Mokume wood grain patterns can only be produced by hand. Each blank is an individual work of art created by a master technician. The blanks are made to size in order to insure that the wood grain pattern is always in proportion and the “sweet spot” is just below the surface revealed by turning, carving or milling.

While macro-molecular composites sharing many of the same properties of M3 Mokume are used in aerospace, marine and medical industries; M3 Composite Industries LLC (the company that owns is the only company in the world that produces them in a form that artisans and manufacturers can use to make luxury goods. Many of the processes used to create the wood grained patterns, colour changing and unique surface characteristics of M3 Mokume were invented at M3ci making these materials quite rare and desirable. 

Check out our gallery to see just some of the spectacular items that have been produced with this amazing new material. Custom high end writing instruments (fountain pens), custom and limited edition knives, wine stoppers, pistol grips, pool cues, jewelry, letter openers, candle holders, musical instrument inlays, small urns, bowls and boxes just to name a few.



  • Work with Standard Wood Tools
    • Turn, Cut, Drill, Sand, File, Thread
    • Strong, Dense and Stabile
    • Will Hold the Finest Detail
    • Unbelievable Gem Quality Finish
    • Polish, Patina, Brush or Engrave
    • Cut with CO2 laser
  • Available in Standard and Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Colors and patterns run completely through the material
  • Will not conduct electricity
  • Will last forever
    • Can’t oxidize, rust or corrode
    • True Heirloom quality material
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Pen Turners
  • Wood Turners
  • Pipe Makers
  • Doll House Miniatures
  • Puzzle Makers
  • Cane Makers
  • High End Giftware
  • Furniture Makers
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Knife Makers
  • Brush Handle Makers
  • Pistol Grips
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pool Cues

M3ci has matched its material to a relatively foolproof and simple finishing system. M3 Premium Metal Polish (PMP) is specially formulated to enhance the colors in M3 Metal Composite revealing dramatic contrast, color separation and a gem quality shine. M3 PMP does not coat or fill the surface like wood polishes and waxes do, it is simply reducing the size of the surface scratches in the M3 itself. 

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