Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry
Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry

How To Buy M3

CLICK HERE for our Online Retail Store This is the best place to start for those that are first incorporating M3 Mokume into their creations.  Hobbyists, Craftspeople and small shops ordering in small volume and sample seekers are best served here.

The material is too costly for us to provide samples, so purchasing a small $25 pen blank or flat stock and experimenting with it is the best way to sample, test and get a feel for this new remarkable material.  You will also find plenty of information on How to Work with M3 as well as a Gallery of finished works featuring products incorporating M3 Mokume and celebrating the creativity and craftsmanship of our customers.  

Manufacturers and small shops should contact me (Mike) directly.  I personally supervise all of this business to insure the best possible results for your project.  Please feel free to email me or Call or Text (917) 797-0643.  Please leave a message if this is your first time calling and your name if texting.

Near Net Shapes and Sizes– Parts produced from blanks produced close to the size of the finished product will look best when made from near net sized blanks rather than cutting down a larger blanks or billet.  

Custom Colors – M3 Mokume Metals and Ceramics can be colored to match country, corporate or team colors.

Prototyping Services – We can produce finished prototypes of your M3 Mokume parts with our 4 Axis Roland CNC machine.

Mass Finishing – The Gem Quality Finish is a big part of what makes M3 Mokume so desirable to consumers.  Because this finish can be time consuming to achieve manually, we have put together a Mass Finish System that produces superior results.  We can provide the mass finish as a service until you invest in your own equipment.  This process is not proprietary so we will be happy to help you set this up in your shop or plant.



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