M3 Jewelry

M3 Jewelry

With the price of traditional precious metals at an all time high, many artisans have sought out M3 Metal Composites as an alternative metal for fine creative jewelry and other handheld works of art.

M3 needs to be worked differently than traditional metals. M3 is a metal composite, the metal equivalent of engineered stone like Caesar Stone. You can’t forge, solder, roll or bend it around a mandrel. Instead rings and bracelets are turned on a lathe or cut from flat stock using standard wood working tools. M3 blanks are available in many different near net shapes and sizes.

M3 has been engineered to cut, carve, grind and sand smoothly and then polish to a hard, durable gem quality finish. The material is very stable and dense and will hold fine detail including threads. 1/8″ and 1/6″ material can achieve some bending and twisting by heating the material with a heat gun and then attempting shallow radius curves. Any good epoxy glue will create a permanent bond with M3 and almost any other material including gem stones.

M3 is perfect for inlays, segments, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and broaches. M3 has an extremely high strength to weight ratio so you can design larger pieces without weighing down the wearer.

We have matched M3 with a relatively simple polishing system which achieves the now famous M3 finish with relatively few steps. The M3 PMP (premium metal polish) is specially formulated to enhance the colors in M3 revealing dramatic contrast, color separation and a gem quality shine. Automated mass finishing systems are also available.