Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry
Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry

Look What We Can Do to Copper- M3 Mokume Red Copper

M3 Red Copper replaces our Red Lava with a remarkable color changing composite copper that will look like a blazing red Lincoln cent in some light and a radiating deep red color in others. The M3 Mokume Red Copper and Gold Pen Rod in the photo is of the same rod shot in three different lights. From left to right; Indoor light; Direct Sunlight, Camera Flash.

Unlike, traditional solid copper, M3 Red Copper composite will remain red and will not tarnish over time. This copper composite, like all M3 Metal composites is heirloom quality and will look great forever.

The copper at the surface is of such purity and percentage that it meets the FDA requirements for a copper surface to be antimicrobial. While no M3 composite will support bacterial life, this material will also kill any microbes that are on the surface. Perfect for bolster and handle material on Chef Knives, Cutlery, Writing Instruments for the medical community and anything else you can imagine.

Visit our Online Store to try this remarkable material for yourself.  Come back often because we have three or four other new ideas to feature M3 Red Copper.  Look for Red Copper with a Tiffany Blue grain Coming Soon.