Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry
Macro Molecular Materials (M3) for Artisans and Industry

M3x10 New Composite Material is Almost UNBREAKABLE

M3x10 Composite Formula is “Ploof Proof” (UNBREAKABLE)

In 2009 Chris Ploof, a noted Mokume artist and jewelry maker, posted a video comparing an M3 Mokume composite blank to his solid metal mokume billet. In the video he hit both with a hammer and the M3 blank broke while his billet did not.

The mokume produced by Ploof sells for hundreds if not thousands of dollars while M3 Mokume Pen Blanks can be purchased for $25, so I thank Mr. Ploof for comparing M3 Mokume to his own spectacular mokume.

Always ready to accept a challenge, the video also inspired me to formulate a composite material that could be hit with a hammer without breaking.  This fit right in with the companies mission to create heirloom quality composite materials that will literally last and look great for centuries; M3x10 is the stunning result.

M3x10 is still easy to turn and works well with carbide tipped tools. The patterns and surface characteristics are as spectacular as the original M3 only 10 times stronger. This material does not need to be backed or supported and is perfect for “kit free” writing instruments.  Heat stabile to 350° F this remarkable advanced material can be worked at higher speeds and polished to an even higher gem finish than the original, without blowing out or cracking.  

We were going to name it “Ploof Proof” but originally went with “Jewelry Grade” which admittedly was a marketing error.  All M3 materials are suitable to be incorporated into jewelry, so naming the new formula “Jewelry Grade” caused some confusion. We are simply going to call it what it is, M3 that is 10 times stronger; M3x10.